LATEST: Los Angeles police are proving they're serious about cracking down on over-zealous paparazzi by targeting celebrity-hot nightclubs this weekend (beg10JUN05) to make sure snappers behave themselves.

Law enforcement officials are acting after receiving a series of complaints from celebrities who fear their civil liberties are being threatened by paparazzi who chase them home from clubs.

The snappers were on their best behaviour in the early hours of Friday morning (10JUN05), when police made sure stars like Nicky Hilton and Jc Chasez were safe after enjoying a night at hip club PREY.

Police officials state they're looking to arrest paparazzi on

trespassing, false imprisonment and conspiracy charges if they find evidence of celebrity fears about late-night car chases between them and the snappers is for real.

The crackdown follows an incident last week (ends03JUN05) when actress Lindsay Lohan was involved in a collision with a photographer who was trying to keep up with her.

11/06/2005 02:48