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well u know what mom u are totally right the media is just saying all that stuff for them to get fame and the fame they getting sucks because they do not have even the right information about paris and nicky or ur own family i really admired paris and everytime she comes out in tv i dont miss it i used to watch her in her reality tv how which is THE SIMPLE LIFE i never missed if it came on wedsnesday and i had to go to church i wouldnt missed because paris is cool and i really feel sorry for her that the media ha to et all this dumb stuff on the internet just to make her imagge like a little rich sloppy girl just ignore the media if u know that is not screw them and keep going with urr life i buy all her movies i went to see house of wax i even buy her posters and evrytime i see her in the newspapaper i cut her article and put it in my wall and paris is a great actrees

Posted 12 years 4 months ago by jeremy flores

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Sometimes it is hard to detect sarcasm in written word, so I will give the first post the benefit of the doubt. If Kathy Hilton feels she needs to defend her daughters, there is a reason for that due to their actions. When I think of Paris and Nicky, I do not think "classy." Is it classy to be too good to graduate from high school? Is it classy to have a quickie marriage in Vegas and get divorced months later? It is classy to pose naked with a cake or in a hummer (for the sake of charity) and have those photos made public? Is it classy to record youself having sex? Is it classy to wear skimpy clothes? Is it classy to flash your breasts on TV or take pictures of your breasts on a cell phone? Is it classy to hawk meaningless products such as perfume, books, jewelry, etc for the sake of self promotion and profit? Is it classy to think you are better than everyone and a snob? I could go on. Of course I would be jealous of anyone that has more money than me, but I would never want to be as shallow and self involved as those people. They can live their lives how they want to, but they should not be admired for the way they carry on. God NEEDS to bless that family.

Posted 12 years 4 months ago by MoniLove

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