Police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have dismissed reports suggesting one suspect in the fatal stabbing of Nicki Minaj's tour manager has been taken into custody, although they insist an arrest is imminent.

De'Von Pickett, aka Day Day, was killed in an attack outside the Che Bar & Grill in the early hours of Wednesday (18Feb15). Another member of Minaj's road crew, Eric Parker, also sustained injuries in the incident and remains hospitalised at the city's Einstein Medical Center.

Reports suggest the stabbing occurred after a brawl broke out inside the venue and spilled out onto the street, where Minaj's associates spotted a woman in distress and came to her rescue, offering to walk her safely to her car, according to Pickett's pastor, Reverend David Wright.

He tells the New York Daily News it was then that the pair was set upon by two other men, one of whom was armed with a knife.

Police have yet to corroborate the story, but revealed on Friday (20Feb15) that they are "getting closer" to arresting the suspects as false reports circulated suggesting a person of interest had already been taken into custody.

Officer Tanya Little says, "There is nobody in custody. There is no question that we will make an arrest. But we have not done so yet."

Another police spokesperson, Christine O'Brien, adds authorities are "getting closer", but states, "We are not ready to announce an arrest."