Nicki Minaj turns to her Alter Ego Roman when she needs to be a b***h.

The 'Super Bass' singer has a number of alternate identities and says she doesn't like to say mean things to people so she calls on Roman to do it for her.

She explained: ''My alter egos are just like an escape - one of them, Roman, comes out when mean things needs to be said. It's like if mean things need to be said, hey I can have Roman say it. I don't have to. The alter egos came out while I was in the studio. I just started rapping and weird new voices would come out and I was like, 'What is this? This is weird'. But it was also exciting, I get bored easily.''

Although Nicki puts herself under huge pressure to be successful, she says there are no negatives to fame.

She added: ''People who don't put themselves under pressure are usually under-achievers.

''I've come to realise that there are no negative sides to fame. Some people see paparazzi as negative and some see it as something they've always wanted. These are things I've always wanted. If I didn't have it, I'd want it.