Nicki Minaj has warned aspiring rappers not to take their chances on American Idol because she is convinced hip-hop fans need "credible" and "authentic" stars.

The rapper/singer has joined the panel for the latest series of the Tv talent show alongside Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and longtime judge Randy Jackson.

However, Minaj is adamant fellow rappers should not be included in the competition and urges aspiring hip-hop stars not to bother auditioning for the show.

During a press junket this week (beg07Jan13) to promote the latest series, Minaj told reporters, "This is definitely not a rap competition, and when I got involved with (American Idol) I specifically said I hope they didn't try to do that because I was on the show. America loves that it's an honest singing competition and I'm not here to change that, I'm here to judge.

"I definitely don't think a rapper should be in this competition. Rap and hip-hop is completely different from American Idol. I started off in the streets, selling mixtapes out of my car. It's a different situation.

"The hip-hop community wants you to be credible. With singing, people don't really necessarily care what you've gone through. If it's a great song, they are going to love it, 'cause it's going to touch them or inspire them. But with rap, it's different. I would never go on a show like this as a rapper. I wouldn't encourage anyone else as a rapper to come on. I don't think it's authentic. If you're really looking for people to see you as an authentic rapper, you wouldn't do it."