Nicki Minaj's video for her new single 'Starships' might be ''too saucy for TV''.

The eccentric rapper and singer has revealed there has been a slight delay in getting it out because she wanted to do a re-edit, but claims the final result may be more explicit than television audiences can handle.

She told Capital FM radio: ''It's officially done. There was just one tiny little thing I wanted to change but I know at the beginning of next week you guys will see it. It may be too saucy for TV.''

Nicky recently claimed she had become pop culture because the music she is creating is ''popular'' with many people.

She said: ''I guess I am pop culture, just because what I'm doing seems to be popular. I don't ask girls to wear Pink hair; they just do it. It's not about black or white; I think it's just a statement. It does not matter which colour you are, it's just a statement of being fearless.''