Bosses at Fantastic Entertainment Enterprises (FEE) sued the Anaconda star and executives at her company Pink Personality, claiming she did not honour terms she allegedly agreed upon for an appearance at Chateau Night Club in Las Vegas in May (15).

According to the lawsuit, Minaj was paid $236,000 (GBP157,330) to stay at the club for an hour and perform two songs. Bosses at FEE also covered her transportation and hotel costs.

However, she is accused of showing up to the venue late, not performing and only staying for 30 minutes. The plaintiffs also claim her security personnel disconnected equipment they set up to film at the club, causing more monetary damages.

In May (15), bosses at FEE reportedly sent Minaj a letter demanding the $236,000 plus damages.

According to, Minaj claims she never signed a contract with FEE and instead brokered a deal with another company, named Jam House Inc. She insists she was paid $150,000 (GBP100,000) to perform two songs and stay for an hour, which she claims she did.

She is also accusing executives at FEE of filing an altered contract with the lawsuit, which includes terms she never agreed upon or had knowledge of.