Nicki Minaj thinks Pete Davidson is the ''most perfect man on the planet''.

The 35-year-old rap star has gushed over the 'Saturday Night Live' star in a comment sent to Ariana Grande - who is engaged to Pete - over Instagram, jokingly asking her showbiz pal whether he has a brother.

In the comments section on the photo-sharing website, Nicki asked Ariana: ''Omg @ the most perfect man on the planet. Wtf does he have a brother b**h??! (sic)''

Ariana subsequently told Nicki - with whom she's frequently collaborated - that although Pete doesn't have a brother, she considers herself to be the luckiest woman in the world.

She wrote: ''No, but I'm the luckiest b***h in the galexy ill tell u dat (sic)''

Earlier this month, Ariana revealed she felt compelled to write a love song for her fiance just a week after they began dating.

The 'No Tears Left to Cry' hitmaker got engaged to the comedian in June after just a few weeks of dating and she sings about her feelings for Pete on a track that appears on her latest album 'Sweetener'.

Ariana revealed: '''Pete Davidson' is obviously inspired by my fiance, I wrote this song like a week after we started hanging out.

''Sometimes you feel a certain way about something and you can't express it with words as well as you can with music, then I sent it to him. I want this song to live forever as music lives forever.''

Ariana also collaborated with Nicki on the track 'The Light is Coming' and she's heaped praise on her pal, saying Nicki is like a ''big sister''.

She said: ''So 'The Light is Coming' features Nicki Minaj who is my big sister and one of my best friends that I've met through this industry. I love the message behind it, it's about people who can be so close-minded or to blind-sided by their own opinion to find the truth.''