Nicki Minaj's perfume is an extension of her personality.

The 'Starships' singer tried to make her debut fragrance Pink Friday as unique and fiery as her personality and hopes it will make her fans feel closer to her when they wear it.

She said: ''I have always wanted to create a perfume, I mean it's every girl's dream, right? It's an extension of my personality and a way for my fans to feel closer to me.''

The fashion-mad star loved the scientific process of creating the scent and thought experimenting with different notes was as exciting as being let loose in a closet full of clothes.

She added in an interview with HELLO! magazine: ''It's fun - it's almost like playing dress-up. You put all these things together and hope it comes out well. When it works perfectly then you have a fragrance.''

Nicki asked a team of designers to help her create a range of signature Couture clothes for the scent's UK launch, which fans can use to dress up the glass bottle.

She explained: ''The designers took inspiration from my outfits, so there is a dark, sexy moment; a fun, pink moment; and more of a fairytale, fantasy moment.

''I wanted to do something just for the UK because I always have such a great time when I visit - we are like soulmates.''