Nicki Minaj hopes her new Kmart collection will boost women's confidence.

The rapper has teamed up with the purse-friendly US department store to create her first clothing line, The Nicki Minaj Collection, with the aim of helping her fans feel more confident and sexy, regardless of their body type.

In a new sneak peak trailer of the project called 'Shop Your Way', Nicki explained: ''There are some dresses that I'm obsessing over already, just the shapes of the; they tuck you in in the right places and they enhance you in the right places.

''Comfortable equals confidence, that's what I would say. I'm doing this for women in general, to feel good and sexy. Any woman can wear it and feel confident.''

The bright and colourful collection looks to be every inch as flamboyant and fun as Nicki's personal style, and features bodycon dresses, patterned leggings, bomber jackets and playful accessories.

The 30-year-old star is famed for her pert rear and believes women should celebrate their curves rather than hiding them.

Nicki added: ''We're definitely working on the leggings that I love for my body so that women, no matter if they're slim or they're thick or whatever, can feel comfortable.''