Nicki Minaj may not have taken the award for Best New Artist at last night's Grammy Awards - losing out to the relatively unfancied Bon Iver in the process - but she still ensured that she'd be grabbing at least a share of the lime light after debuting a resulting live performance that seemed heavily based around Catholicism, reports MTV.
Minaj was happy to play second fiddle when appearing alongside Madonna at last weekend's Super Bowl - something fellow collaborator Mia infamously couldn't abide by - but in front of dozens more globally successful musicians, the rapper evidently felt it only right that she should try and keep eyes focused on her. First of all she appeared on the red carpet dressed in an outfit which can only be compared to something worn by Little Red Riding Hood; but that wasn't the shocking thing about it - no, that was the fact that strolling down the press line was an old man dressed up to resemble the pope. Gwen Stefani started this years ago by going everywhere with so-called Harajuku Girls, claiming that they were a figment of her imagination, Minaj' version is a little more controversial.
That was by far the end of it though, as the star showcased her alter ego Roman Zolanski on stage as part of her performance for new single 'Roman Holiday.' Beginning the performance surrounded by stained glass and religious imagery, Minaj sang 'I Feel Pretty' whilst applying lipstick, climbing a wall to have a conversation with the Pope-like figure previously seen on the red carpet before the sing kicked off and culminated in the star "levitating" at one point whilst apparently speaking in tongues. She needs more Sunday School that Nicki.