Nicki Minaj is still smarting from a slur by a New York City radio station over her hit song 'Starships' and has vowed to never play for them again, according to entertainment site Tmz. The radio station in question is the popular Hot 97 and the Minaj track came under fire from one of their DJs, who slated it as "F***ing bulls**t."
The slur was never going to go unnoticed and as a result Lil Wayne - Minaj's label boss - pulled her from a show she was scheduled to appear at put on by the station. Summer Jam is a huge concert in America and Minaj's non-appearance will no doubt disappoint her legions of fans. She herself however has completely stood by her boss's decision and, upon hearing that the station wanted her to come back next year instead, has claimed that she'll never be performing for them ever again.
Minaj reportedly doesn't want to surround herself with people who are negative about her music when there are plenty of fans of hers out there who would happily work with the star. The station's offending DJ, Peter Rosenberg didn't help to improve relations either when responding to the news. Though insisting he had no beef with Minaj, he reiterated that he found the track "wack and corny." Ouch.