Nicki Minaj joined 'American Idol' because it is a ''credible brand''.

The 'Starships' singer - who was recently confirmed as a judge on the talent show, sitting alongside Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson and Keith Urban on the panel - claims she had offers from other singing and reality shows but went for 'Idol' as it has so much history.

She said: ''This is such a credible brand. It's really serious, it's real deal it's not anything else other than really looking for talent. If I can be a part of that I'm really down for it.''

Nicki says she has always been a fan of the show - which is now entering its 12th season - and remembers when Jordin Sparks won the sixth series.

Speaking at the 'American Idol' press conference, she said: ''I remember watching 'American Idol' in the first season and feeling inspired.

''I spoke to Jordin Sparks the other day and here she is starring in a movie ['Sparkle'] and I said to her, 'I remember watching you and picking up my phone.'''

''I didn't vote for her because my brother liked the other guy, but I told her that, 'You know you're a part of history, kind of. Because I remember calling and seeing your face and being inspired and hearing your story.' ''