Nicki Minaj says Jada Pinkett Smith is her ultimate style icon.

The 30-year-old singer is a big fan of the actress' effortless look as well as her commitment to her family and her career.

Quizzed about her fashion idols, Nicki said: ''Cyndi Lauper, Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell are my fashion icons. I also really admire Jada Pinkett Smith; she's talented, smart and down-to-earth, plus she manages to juggle family and work - I think that's pretty commendable.''

The 'Pound the Alarm' hitmaker is famed for her ever-changing tresses and impressive collection of wigs, and Nicki admits her hair takes the longest to do every day, ahead of her eyelashes.

She confessed to the UK edition of Glamour magazine: ''My hair is the most high-maintenance part of my beauty regime; I don't know many women who change theirs as often as I do! One of the best beauty tips I've had is that you can layer your false lashes - I used to wear three sets but I'm down to two now.''

The confident star sometimes feels self-conscious in a bikini during the summer and advises women to don a pair of skyscraper heels to make their legs look more toned.

Nicki explained: ''The trick to feeling bikini confident is to realise that you're going to have flaws - all women do. A pair of high heels helps though; it makes your legs look stronger, gives them muscle tone.''