Nicki Minaj wants to have kids ''in five years''.

The 'Super Bass' hitmaker - who is dating rapper Safaree 'SB' Samuels - loves the idea of motherhood and would like to have two or three little ones in the future.

She said: ''In five years, perhaps, I'd like to have children. I love children - I'm a children freak. I'd like two, maybe three.''

While the 30-year-old singer has set her sights on starting a family, she is also keen to ensure she career as a musician continues and she has more hits.

She explained to Marie Claire magazine: ''I can't predict my life, but there's always more left to achieve. More albums, outdoing your own expectations, but, most of all, proving to yourself that no one else can box in.''

Despite the 'Starships' singer's ambition, she enjoys having some time off now and again, when she stays in and looks ''really horrible''.

She explained: ''I just don't want to be bothered on my day off, so it's back to a tracksuit, Uggs and socks, and I don't wear any make-up on my skin. I let it breathe as much as possible. I look really, really horrible.''