Just as it looked as though American Idol fans were going to get treated to a double dose of diva, with Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey both landing a spot on the judging panel, it seems that all is not well in Camp Idol. Tmz have reported that Mariah Carey is less than happy with the suggestion of Nicki Minaj as her fellow judge on the show.
Sources connected to the show have told Tmz that Mariah had been led to believe that she was going to be the only female on the panel, so she's understandably annoyed that she might now be joined by the much younger and. dare we say it. more current artist that is Nicki Minaj. Apparently, Mariah even hung up the phone when she learned that Nicki was the favourite to take the slot. Mariah's known for playing the diva and it certainly seems that she's throwing a classic Carey strop over this one. However, Nicki's appointment is by no means a closed deal; apparently a couple of different scenarios are being played out; one of which involves having two men and two women on the judging panel.
It seems that Randy Jackson will be working in a mentoring role, rather than as a judge this season, so the field is wide open for the male candidates (though Nick Jonas and Keith Urban are said to be favourites for the role). Whatever combination of stars they go for, we reckon a little bit of friction between Carey and Minaj could go a long way towards bumping their falling viewer ratings.