Nicki Minaj brought in a whole new angle for how to conduct your everyday rap feud as she rang into Hot 97 on air and demanded that it play the whole, unedited version of an interview she had with station's Dj Funkmaster Flex.

MTV reports that Minaj was tuning in to address the controversy surrounding her cancelation of her slot at Hot 97's annual Summer Jam concert in New Jersey - news that was broken by a brief tweet from Lil Wayne that simply read, "Young Money ain't doing summer jam."

Word got back to Lil Wayne that said Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg had disrespected his Young Money signee, calling her single "Starships" "wack" and panning it for not being "real hip hop." For someone who routinely sings the praises of Weezy and his YMCMB label mates, you have to question what he considers 'real hip hop' in the first place.

To say that things ended on a positive note would be bending the truth somewhat, but it seems like Minaj may have walked away with the upper hand here. Flex admitted that Rosenberg could've picked a better time to criticize her, and she is standing by Wayne's decision to pull her out of the show, reiterating, " I don't go against the president of my label."