A Texas nightclub owner has accused Nicki Minaj of reneging on a $30,000 (£18,700) deal to attend a post-concert party.
The star performed at the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie, Dallas on Sunday (29Jul12) and was allegedly slated to make an appearance at Zouk nightclub afterwards in exchange for a fee.
However, Minaj took to Twitter after the concert to warn fans she would not be attending the party, writing, "No after party tonite (sic) barbz (fans). S/O (shout out) to the promoters who sold tkts (tickets) under false pretenses (sic) tho (though)."
The owner of the club has now alleged the star was paid in full to make the appearance, but decided to snub the afterparty, which was set up by an outside promoter.
Matt Cislo tells local news station Channel 33, "We looked at their (promoter's) contracts, the wire transfer, we had seen everything; that's why we went through with the show.
"From my understanding, she was outside, she had shown up, her security had done a walkthrough and she just decided not to come in.
"As soon as everyone found out she wasn't showing up on Twitter they were messaging us, text message, emails, you know why are you putting on a fake show? Just gives us a bad rep."