Nicki Minaj is still in shock after Eminem agreed to a rap collaboration with her - because the hip-hop superstar had previously turned down her desperate pleas to work together.
Minaj never expected to land a duet with Eminem for her upcoming debut album Pink Friday - and was thrilled when he accepted.
She tells, "We went out on a whim and put it in the air like, 'It'd be great if he would collaborate with us.' I remember I kept talking about it, and I thought, 'It can't hurt.' I sent him one record, and he didn't love it. He didn't say, 'I don't love it'; he just said, 'Can you send me something that's a little more me?'
"I sent him an email and thanked him for that, just having enough respect. Sometimes people don't respond. He had the respect, at least, to treat me like a peer."
But the star decided to try her luck again and reached out to Eminem with her song Roman's Revenge.
She adds, "He picked up the phone for that one... Even right now, I'm in shock... The real Slim Shady! It was the most fun song on Pink Friday. It gave me life."