Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger has thanked a former girlfriend for his success - because their heated rows inspired his band's biggest hit.

The Canadian rocker, who recently wed fiancee MARIANNE (05), wrote the lyrics for HOW YOU REMIND ME in a furious frenzy.

He says, "I was sitting in the basement of my old house in 2000 having just got into a big argument with my girlfriend.

"So I guess I was feeling pretty jaded at the time.

"I wanted to write some lyrics that were a slap in the face to her.

"Even though I do say in the song that I love her, I kind of wanted to throw her a back-handed slap. So I was being very direct, and yelling into the microphone so that she could hear what I was saying.

"We actually talked about it years later and I told her I wrote the song about her, and she would not believe that she was the How You Remind Me girl."