It has been a shaky few days for the family and friends of actor Nick Stahl, however, in a report from TMZ, the AWOL actor has hinted at his own safety and pledged that he will admit himself into rehab to help control his demons.

Since May 9th (2012), Stahl has been reported as missing, although police have not treated it as a case consisting of foul play due to his usual behaviour in recent time - mostly drug related incidents.

In accordance with sources from celebrity website TMZ, Stahl emailed friends yesterday and apologized for scaring them having been away for so long. His email told friends that he was getting treatment and would be out of contact for the next 30 days so he can receive the treatment he needs. However, members of his family and friends remain sceptical about this revelation. What is perhaps most surprising about all this is that said email was not sent to his wife, the one who reported him missing.

The most recent update on the missing Terminator 3 star, coming from TMZ, is that a rep for the LAPD has said that the missing persons case will remain open for now as an email is not enough for them to close the file on it.