NICK RHODES was so hot, tired and dehydrated while shooting Duran Duran's HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF video in Sri Lanka, he thought the whole thing was a huge hallucination.
The keyboard player admits he has little memory of the Raiders of The Lost Ark-inspired promo because it was all a haze of stray elephants and baking temperatures.
He explains, "I got there completely fried having not slept for two or three days. I got off the plane at Sri Lanka and thought, 'OK, where's the guy with the limo?' I'm looking around and an Indian guy comes over and says, 'Nick?' I said, 'Yeah, where's the car?' It's blistering heat and I'm dressed from head to toe in black leather. I'm looking forward to some air conditioning and then I see it's a flat-bed truck.
"I asked how long to the hotel, expecting him to say 20 minutes. He said, 'Five hours.' So we drive for five hours over these dust tracks to God knows where in Sri Lanka. Literally, as I arrive they're filming and I'm walking down to the beach in a complete daze, and an elephant walked passed me on the street. I thought I was hallucinating."
And Rhodes' discomfort was not lost on his bandmates.
Drummer Roger Taylor adds, "He liked wearing make-up, so, for him, going to Sri Lanka and staying in a dodgy old hotel was not something he loved to do."