Academy Award-winning animator Nick Park was determined to keep his latest movie success Wallace And Gromit: THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT as British as possible, despite working in the American studios of celebrated director Steven Spielberg.

Brit Park, 46, stood his ground when suggestions to 'Americanise' some of the film's effects and language were offered.

He says, "We only changed one thing - they didn't know what a marrow was, so we changed it to a squash."

And Park is ecstatic that his work paid off - US audiences have been flocking to see the chart-topping film and love its quaint British qualities.

The voice of Wallace in particular, performed by veteran British TV actor Peter Sallis, is a hit with viewers.

Park says, "The reaction in the States has been great. They love the accents. And they love Peter too. He is a big star over there. Every journalist knew his name."