Tv and film star Nick Offerman will appear in punk act Fidlar's new video as a drunk man urinating all over Los Angeles.

The Parks & Recreation and 21 Jump Street star wears a prosthetic penis which he cannot keep in his pants in the promo for new song Cocaine.

Offerman, whose inebriated character relieves himself off bridges, at the car wash and in a park in the hilarious video, often performs comedy and music gigs with Fidlar guitarist Elvis Kuehn, who persuaded the funnyman to take part in the promo.

Frontman Brandon Schwartzel tells The Hollywood Reporter, "Nick actually came up with the initial idea - this idea of him getting drunk. And we all developed it into him getting drunk and p**sing all over Los Angeles.

"Actually, that prosthetic was the whole budget! It was, like, two grand or something. We got it made by this prop guy that Nick knew. It looked amazing. We were all checking it out, holding it, and everything."