Wildman actor Nick Nolte has rubbished claims he dons bizarre clothes to fuel his wacky reputation, insisting he dresses down to stay comfortable in the hot Los Angeles sun.

The CAPE FEAR star has gained notoriety for his hedonistic lifestyle and hellraising behaviour, but the 64-year-old has issued a reason why he's often out in public wearing trousers designed for hospital patients - an unnamed former wife used to work in the "medical field".

He tells Britain's EMPIRE magazine, "I'm not deliberately trying to dress down and let it all hang out, but people think I just got out of some institution.

"The truth is, I had a wife who worked in the medical field so I put on the hospital scrubs one day and they were real comfortable. And they could actually double as pants and so I bought 100 pairs."

29/03/2005 14:05