Movie star Nick Nolte is urging American men to seek second opinions when doctors insist they need their prostate removed to avoid cancer, after discovering many operations are unnecessary.

The NORTHFOLK star has always been an advocate of good health and was stunned when he was told he might have to have his prostate removed.

But he did his research and discovered many doctors act too quickly to perform the surgery.

He explains, "There's no place in the world where they are taking out prostates, apart from the United States. What they're calling prostate cancer is not prostate cancer.

"There's an age-related cell change that happens and every man will have this; in only one per cent of cases does it ever become cancer. It's very, very rare. If you do a biopsy of the prostate it will never recover.

"Last year, in the medical round-up, the man who invented the PSA test, which they are using to say it's cancer or not said that this test cannot be used to predict cancer at all because it reacts to too many things.

"Even though the man who invented it says it's not the indicator of cancer, they're still using it as a primary way of predicting cancer. I keep track of my hormonal levels myself and my PSA (protein manufactured in the prostate) was tested by a doctor (for abnormal levels to detect prostate cancer).

"If there is a four-point difference between your Free PSA (Free PSA is that percentage of the total PSA which circulates in the blood without a carrier protein) and your PSA there is a 56 per cent chance of cancer.

"The doctor called me, panicked, wanting me to see a urinologist, which I knew not to do because that's how he makes his living. I'm not saying doctors are corrupt, but things can become fashionable and they only know what they were taught in school."

02/05/2005 21:08