Nick Nolte is urging law officials in West Virginia to drop marijuana possession charges against his son BRAWLEY because he knows the teenager is innocent.

The movie star, who himself has had legal problems due to his past drug use, insists his son just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when cops found marijuana in the trunk of a car, driven by a friend.

Brawley and his so-called accomplice were released on bail after their arrest last month (APR05) but the actor's son faces a stiff sentence if he's found guilty.

The HOTEL RWANDA star says, "Brawley stopped with his mother to see his grandfather and his grandmother and while he was there he got a ride home from a party and the kid had over two ounces of marijuana in the trunk.

"The police arrested him for distribution and, of course, they were excited they had a Nolte!

"But Brawley never had contact with this boy. The last time he was in West Virginia was a year-and-a-half ago - he's been in England studying and acting.

"It was 2.20 in the morning and he was to be on a plane at five. He got in the wrong car at the wrong time and he should've asked the guy to open his trunk.

"If West Virginia decides to make a big thing out of it, they can do that, although eventually they will never win the case. They can hold him up but I'm hoping wiser minds will prevail and see there's no contact between him and the boy."

02/05/2005 02:22