Hollywood hellraiser Nick Nolte has a message for George W Bush and all future Presidents of the United States - don't invite him to the White House.

Nolte has been invited to the prestigious Washington DC residence five times, by GERALD FORD (74-77), Ronald Reagan (81-89), GEORGE BUSH SNR (89-93), Bill Clinton (93-01) and the current leader, Bush.

The CAPE FEAR star says, "During the Vietnam War, I was charged with seven counts of selling counterfeit (draft cards). The FBI questioned me for years. I kept saying, 'I don't know any more about all this than you do.'

"The judge gave me a $75,000 fine. I only spent one night in jail, (but that) made me a felon, which meant I did not have to go to Vietnam.

"Clinton, Reagan, the Bushes, Ford, everyone asked me to come to the White House. But I am a felon, so I would not go. The President of the United States should not be with criminals, for God's sake."

12/05/2005 17:43