Troubled actor Nick Nolte is being sued by the parents of a teenage girl who claim their daughter was drugged and sexually abused at his California home two years ago.

Filed at Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday (29NOV04), the writ lists a Nolte employee and several others as defendants after the alleged offence at a party at the CAPE FEAR star's Malibu abode.

But Nolte's aides are adamant the screen veteran was not at home at the time of the reported attack.

In March (04), one of the defendants, NICHOLAS WOODRING, was accused of having sex with the girl - then 15 and a minor - and sentenced to 180 days in jail.

However, the girl's attorney, PHILIP DUNN, has revealed the case never went to trial, insisting Woodring should once again be quizzed about the alleged offence - this time in a court of law.

Dunn says, "The criminal prosecution is over, and the victim wishes to make sure that nothing like this happens to anyone else again under the same or similar circumstances."

Nolte's publicist adds, "The incident happened nearly two years ago, when Mr Nolte was not at the property. It is our understanding that the individual responsible has been held accountable. Mr Nolte was at the time, and still remains, concerned for the young lady's well-being."

According to the civil suit, Woodring and a minor gave the girl the date-rape drug GHB and then sexually assaulted her at a 25 January 2003 bash.

03/12/2004 17:32