Hollywood star Nick Nolte has taken legal action against the makers of a website which purports to be the actor's official online diary.

The PRINCE OF TIDES star has sent aspiring screenwriters CHRISTIAN NEWTON and CASEY McADAMS a cease-and-desist order after their libelous entries on NICKNOLTEDIARY.COM led journalists to believe he and actress Rosanna Arquette had a car crash, and illustrated the story with Nolte's mug shot from his 2002 drunken-driving arrest.

Nolte's spokesman ARNOLD ROBINSON says, "We have no affiliation with it in any way."

Newton counters, "We always thought it was absurd enough and strange enough that it would be apparent to anyone who read it that it was parody. We always hoped it was in good fun.

"Maybe his real life is more genteel than that. I don't want to anger Nolte or his people."

20/10/2004 17:22