Nick Lachey has got ''pregnancy dad syndrome''.

The 38-year-old singer has been experiencing wind problems and getting cravings ever since he announced earlier this year that his wife Vanessa Minnillo is expecting their first child, but she has managed to avoid morning sickness or any negative side-effects of being pregnant.

The 31-year-old 'Wipeout' host said: ''I've been lucky, knock on wood, so far - no morning sickness, no anything. He's got pregnancy dad syndrome.

''I've read about this. He's got the cravings, he's got gas. He's like, 'I feel bloated, my back, my feet.' He's had me rub his feet!''

But Nick insists his cravings are down to him wanting to be part of Vanessa's pregnancy experience.

Speaking on 'Live! With Kelly', he added: ''I just want to be part of the experience, too.''

Vanessa recently revealed that Nick has started ''nesting'' the couple's home in preparation for their first child, who is due later this year.

She said: ''I have [been nesting] in my mind but I've been a little consumed with work. But the interesting thing I've noticed is my husband is nesting. I always thought it was the woman but he's doing his little nesting part too.

''He saw this old table we have and he sanded it, then he stained it, put glass on it. He made us a desk! It was pretty incredible.

''Now I feel guilty so I think because of that I tried to put the stroller together the other day. But we have a good amount of time to prepare.''