Nick Lachey has realised he needs to hire a nanny.

The 98 Degrees singer and his TV presenter wife Vanessa Minnillo welcomed their first child Camden in August and they think they will need more help as he gets older.

Nick explained: ''We actually don't have a nanny yet, so between her work schedule and my work schedule it's kind of like, 'All right, what do you got today? Can you watch him here?' You have to kind of schedule time to do stuff.

''As things are getting busier, now it's like, 'Okay, we've gotta have somebody help us out.' But we really wanted to be as hands-on as we could, especially early on. . . You don't want to look back and say, 'I didn't get the full experience.'''

Nick also opened up about his recent revelation that he doesn't want to raise children in Hollywood.

The 39-year-old star told 'Access Hollywood Live': ''I loved growing up in Cincinnati where I'm from. My brother's there, his kids are there, my parents are there. I really value the effect that family has on child growing up. I want Camden and other future kids we have to be around their cousins and their grandparents. That's a very important part of growing up. I want to try to give him the most normal childhood he can have.''

Nick, who was previously married to 'Fashion Star' mentor Jessica Simpson, revealed Vanessa is also happy for them to move away from Los Angeles for the sake of their family.

He said: ''She's cool with Ohio. We have a place there now and we spend quite a bit of time there when we can, and she also values family and what bringing up our kids there means.''