Nick Lachey plans to coach Vanessa Minnillo through the birth of their first child.

The 38-year-old singer - who announced the couple are to become parents for the first time yesterday (05.03.12) - admitted while he wants to support his wife as she gives birth, it will be a ''waist-up situation''.

He said: ''I've been told - because that's what happens now, I'm told things - that it's going to be a waist-up situation, if you know what I mean.

''I'm gonna be there, I'm gonna be supportively there, holding hands, and coaching, breathing, all that good stuff. But apparently I won't be down below, seeing what's happening. I'll be up above, helping.

''My work there is done! I was successful there. So we'll keep it waist-up.''

However, this won't be the first birth Nick has experienced, as he filmed a friend's child being born a couple of years ago, which he described as an ''incredible'' experience.

Speaking as he co-hosted 'Live! With Kelly' this morning (06.03.12), he explained: ''I asked him, 'How do you want me to handle this, do you want me to get in there and get the detail?' And he said, 'Yeah.' We all got very close that day.

''I didn't expect it to be what it was, but it was a really incredible, awesome moment.''