Nick Lachey rooted through the trash to find his wife's wedding ring.

The 'What's Left of Me' hitmaker has confessed he had to search through the dirty diapers in the family's bin to locate Vanessa Lachey's wedding ring.

Sharing a picture of the ring amongst the trash, he wrote: ''This is true love after 6 years of marriage......digging through dirty diapers and trash to find your wife's missing wedding ring!! #success (sic)''

Meanwhile, Vanessa and Nick recently welcomed a baby boy called Phoenix.

Vanessa shared on Instagram at the time: ''It's a very Merry Christmas indeed! We had our Christmas Miracle. Phoenix Robert Lachey decided to show up early and was born on Christmas Eve. Mommy, Daddy, Camden & Brooklyn LOVE You very much! #LacheyPartyOf5 (sic).''

And Nick and Vanessa - who already have Camden, four, and Brooklyn, two, together - previously spoke about the joys and the responsibility of being parents.

Vanessa said: ''When I introduced Camden to Brooklyn, I had my doctor give me some tips.

''I had Camden give a gift to Brooklyn - we laid out three stuffed animals, we said, 'Which one do you want to pick for Brooklyn?' He goes, 'That one, that one!' and so he picked the little giraffe.''

And Nick added: ''It's just all-encompassing. You would do anything for your children - not that you wouldn't for your wife or someone else you love, but there's a sense of protectiveness and responsibility that comes with your child which you don't feel in any other relationship. [Becoming a dad] has changed my life in every possible way.''

However, Nick and Vanessa insist they don't want anymore children and are happy with their three.

Nick said: ''You have three, and then you realise: we're truly outnumbered now [but] it's such a blast to be at home with them and to see the way they interact with each other.''