Nick Lachey named his son Camden after seeing the word on a road sign.

The TV star and his wife Vanessa were driving to her obstetrician's office on Camden Drive, when Nick had a flash of inspiration and suggested they name their son - who is now one month old - after the road.

Nick told People magazine: ''It's kind of a funny story. I've always liked the name Colin. We thought that Colin would be the name. And John is my dad's name. But as we got further into it, I learned that Vanessa wasn't a big fan of the name Colin, so we started looking for another 'C' name.

''We didn't really know anyone else named Camden. It was such a neat name. We fell in love with it and decided on it five or six months ago.''

The 98 Degrees singer - who is best known for starring in MTV's 'Newlyweds' with ex-wife Jessica Simpson - is loving every minute of parenthood and doesn't even mind changing dirty nappies because it makes him feel closer to his son.

He boasted: ''Diapers are no problem! I had a little training with the niece and nephew with diaper duty, and yeah, I've got no problem changing diapers. It makes for good bonding moments with me and the little guy.''