Nick Lachey loves having his family on tour with him.

The 39-year-old singer brought his wife Vanessa and their 10-month-old son Camden on tour with his band 98 Degrees and Nick is excited as it means he won't miss a moment of his child's development.

He told OK! magazine: ''We try to keep his routines as normal as possible. It's obviously hard when you're on a bus and in and out of hotels. He's got a crib on the bus and that's his little space. Kids are resilient. He's the happiest baby I've ever been around.

''Camden changes so much so fast. He's gotten his first four teeth since we've been on the road. He's gotten big. He's crawling all over and he's babbling. I like to think he's saying 'Dada' but we're not sure.''

Vanessa says Nick is such a hands-on dad she's convinced he'd even take on breastfeeding duties if he could.

She said: ''All of my hopes and dreams have come true and he is awesome. I was actually joking earlier that if Nick could nurse Camden he would! If he had boobs, he would do it!

''He literally can cradle Camden and swing him around and do, 'Shh, shh, shh.' He does that so perfectly because for the first couple of weeks I couldn't bend ... so Nick took that role and he is awesome at that!''