Nick Lachey, the former husband of Jessica Simpson and ex-98 Degrees star, wedded his new beau Vanessa Minnillo on a private Island owned by Richard Branson earlier this month. Footage of the wedding was released yesterday (30th July), and SHARON SACKS, the celebrity wedding planner that organised the event and also masterminded Jennifer Lopez's wedding, revealed to ABC news that she found a novel way of keeping the paparazzi away - by using a fireworks permit: "Helicopters and paparazzi around the island . for us that's nightmare scenario," Lachey said. "We really don't want that to happen.We pull fireworks permits -- the FAA will not allow any type of aircraft over the area if there's a permit."

The star's previous marriage had been played out in front of the camera in the MTV reality series Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica and Nick was keen to avoid a similar scenario this time around, as he divorced Jessica Simpson in 2006, finding the unwanted attention a romance killer. Lachey told Abc news that he had been more cautious this time around, dating Minnillo, a former Miss USA and Mtv presenter, for five years before popping the question. He said: When I proposed to Vanessa I took her to the montage in Orange County. We sat by the pool, had drinks, beautiful day ... got down on both knees and laid it on her," he added, "Now you're stuck with me."