Nick Lachey is excited about his and wife Vanessa's first Christmas as a married couple.

The pair tied the knot in July and Nick - who has previously been married to singer Jessica Simpson - admitted he can't wait to spend the festive season with his bride and the couple are also planning an ugly sweater party with their friends.

He said: "It's our first Christmas as a married couple, so we're looking forward to that.

"[Vanessa] went shopping for my sweater yesterday. From what I've seen in pictures, it's pretty heinous."

While Nick has spoken of his desire for kids in the past, he said he and Vanessa are just enjoying some time alone for now.

He told People: "I don't think there's necessarily any timetable for it. We're definitely excited about being parents at some point, but I think whenever that happens, we'll embrace it and be excited for it. There's no real sense of urgency at this point."

Nick, 38, has previously revealed he and Vanessa hope to raise their children in his hometown of Cincinnati so they will get to know his brother Drew's kids.

He said: "[Vanessa has] really growing to love Cincinnati, it's obviously not LA or New York but it's a great place to raise a family. It's where my family is and it's kind of her family now, and we're loving it. I love the idea of raising kids in the Midwest, where the values are good and I love the idea of raising my kids next to my brother.

"That's kind of that brother dream. We're gonna grow up and have houses next to each other. Our kids are going to play in the back yard together."