LATEST: Pop hunk Nick Lachey used an appearance on live TV this morning (03AUG05) to lash out at ongoing reports he and Jessica Simpson are heading for divorce.

The former 98 DEGREES singer served as a guest host on popular US chat show LIVE WITH REGIS + KELLY, when he was asked by show regular Kelly Ripa about the media's relentless reports on the state of his marriage.

He said, "There's the saying that when they stop talking about you that's when you have to worry. So that's kind of what you have to keep in your mind is that as long as people care, it's a good thing. But it does get old.

"There's so much negativity that is out there and a lot of it's based on absolutely nothing true. So you just have to let it roll off... We're shocked that people are still on this same rumour. We've been divorced for six months now, apparently. It's like it just keeps going on and on and on.

"I have aunts and uncles and even my mom calls (and asks), 'Is everything okay?' I say, 'Mom, don't you think I would tell you before you read it in In Touch Weekly that I'm getting divorced?'

"I would absolutely, positively, like to set the record straight. Everything is absolutely wonderful in marriage and life and love. We've been saying it for months now. We're okay...

"They insist on going back to the same old thing about I'm jealous of her career. I love my wife to death and I support the heck out of her, as any husband would."

Jessica Simpson's father Joe recently revealed that he's hired "the most powerful lawyer" in Hollywood to tackle the publications claiming that the pair's marriage is on the rocks.

04/08/2005 10:52