Fans still looking for clues as to why NEWLYWEDS stars Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson broke up will be enlightened by the pop hunk's new video WHAT'S LEFT OF ME. The couple split after three years of marriage, amid reports of infidelity, late last year (05) and Lachey isn't hiding his feelings about the break-up in his new video. He teams up with his reported former flame, TV presenter Vanessa Minnillo, to recap the end of his relationship with Simpson in the heartfelt promo. In the video, Lachey and Minnillo play a couple desperately trying to save their fragile romance in the glare of TV cameras. The final scene features Lachey all alone, contemplating life as a single. He says, "It (the video) basically deals with two people who are in a relationship and are at a tough juncture in their life together. "Essentially, they're in their own world but around them all this stuff is happening - they're being filmed and there are other influences that hinder their relationship together. "At the end of the video, basically, I'm left in the house by myself. "It's a very introspective song for me; it's about looking at yourself and, for me, looking forward. Hopefully, what people will get out of the video is these people genuinely loved each other."