Singer Nick Lachey may be on the brink of divorce from wife Jessica Simpson, but the star is desperate to become a dad. Fatherhood has been weighing heavily on the star's mind, because he's surrounded by friends having children and his younger brother Drew is about to become a father for the first time. He explains, "I can't wait until the day I have kids. Obviously, it's not the right time for me to be a father, but the one thing I haven't had the chance to do is be a great dad. "Playing with my friends' kids and having them call me Uncle Nick - that's life." Lachey is currently doing his part to help children, after discovering that those who prey on children on the internet often use his name to convince minors to meet them in person. He adds, "I mean, I've experienced credit card fraud, but when someone's using your identity to commit horrible acts against kids, it's disgusting." The former 98 DEGREES star is moving on since his split and is confident he will find love and family in the future insisting, "Don't feel sorry for me. I have a great life."