Former 98 DEGREES singer Nick Lachey has lashed out at teen star Lindsay Lohan for expressing a romantic interest in him, insisting he isn't remotely attracted to her. The HERBIE: FULLY LOADED star has always had a crush on Jessica Simpson's estranged husband, and now he's single she can't wait to meet again. Lohan has said, "You better believe, the next time I see Nick Lachey out I'm going to attack him... He's such a dog, he'd go for it." Lachey responded to the raunchy comments on THE ACE + TJ MORNING SHOW on Monday (01MAY06), while being interviewed in Charlotte, North Carolina. Towards the end of the interview one of the radio show's hosts asked him if there was any chance he would hook-up with the young star. Lachey quickly dispelled any rumours of a potential romance snapping, "I can safely say that I don't have any interest in Lindsay Lohan... nor do I understand anyone else that does."