Singer/actor Nick Lachey has finally realised "I don't understand women" after divorcing wife-of-three-years Jessica Simpson. Lachey's fairytale marriage to Simpson, which was documented in MTV's reality show NEWLYWEDS, ended last year (05) and the former 98 Degrees star confesses the confusing break-up, as well as a new sitcom project, has made him question the difference between the sexes. He says, "I don't understand women. I've got a TV comedy show coming up called HE SAID/SHE SAID. It's about the different ways that men and women look at life, love and each other and how they interpret situations differently. "Not only do I think women are from a different planet but I'm not even sure where that planet is. We don't understand each other. Women have the upper hand. You're all smarter. You can manipulate us in ways that we can never manipulate you."