Newlywed pop stars Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson had their first bust-up as a married couple over a $746 (GBP466.25) lingerie bill.

Simpson picked up the super skimpy underwear at Los Angeles' MAGNOLIA boutique in a bid to show her husband that she was sexier than dancers hired to appear in his SHUT UP video.

But when she left the store and checked the bill, she realised she'd made a big mistake and called her husband, who was dining with his dancers, to tell him about her purchase.

The embarrassing incident is captured in the couple's new MTV reality show THE NEWLYWEDS.

Simpson tells Lachey, "I got two bras and two pairs of underwear and it was $750," prompting her concerned husband to ask, "Why didn't you look at the price tag. You've got to look at the price tag before you pay, babe.

"Anyone in their right mind will tell you that's a little too much for bras and panties, especially when you just want them to come off anyway."

28/08/2003 08:56