The Jealous hitmaker made his debut on the Great White Way at the age of nine in musical Annie Get Your Gun, and went on to perform in three more productions on Broadway.

Now with more acting and music credits under his belt, Nick is eager to get back to New York City, and this time, with a project of his own.

"I’d like to go back to Broadway, but with something written by me," he tells Vogue Italia. "That’s what I really miss".

However, Nick has no plans to reunite with his siblings, Joe and Kevin, who split their band the Jonas Brothers in 2013.

"Nowadays my relationship with my brothers Joe and Kevin is stronger than ever," he adds. "If we had continued with the band we probably wouldn’t be so close. I’m so proud of what we achieved, but now I’m concentrating on the things I’m doing for myself. And I’m grateful for their support."