Nick Jonas wants to appear on 'Glee'.

The Jonas Brothers star - who recently made a cameo appearance in NBC's 'Smash' - would love producers on the musical drama series to invite him to take on a guest role.

Asked if he wants to appear on 'Glee', he said: ''I definitely would consider it. I feel like 'Smash' is sort of my statement in that [TV] world, and I really enjoyed that experience.

''And if there was a 'Glee' opportunity, I would be really open to it. There hasn't been yet, and that's cool. So it's all a matter if they wanted to have me. I'd be totally open to it.''

Nick has been appearing in Broadway musical 'How to Succeed in business Without Really Trying' and is enjoying his the stint in the show, but admits things haven't always run smoothly.

He told MTV News: ''There have been some funny moments. In my first week, I was still getting comfortable, obviously.

''On the last show of the week, I completely lost my place in the middle of one of my big lines and, luckily, a castmate helped me out but I completely lost it.

''A couple days later, too, one of the guys, there's this big dance number and they do this handstand thing, and he basically had so much momentum going forward that he flipped off the stage into the orchestra pit. And I'm up on this top tier supposed to be watching a TV of what's happening. It was crazy. He was OK, thankfully; it was pretty frightening.''