Nick Jonas took over wedding planning when Priyanka Chopra Jonas was busy filming her new movie 'The Sky is Pink'.

Priyanka was busy filming the new Bollywood flick right up until her wedding day in December last year, and has now said the final touches were planned by her spouse Nick on his own, so that she could ''focus on the movie''.

The 37-year-old star told India Today: ''Nick told me 'I know you are doing a difficult movie and I know you need your focus on it. And let me handle the logistics. I'll take over the last bit of things.' So he used to sit at home while I was on the set and decide who is sitting where, seating charts and rooming charts and he would do all of that so that I could focus on the movie.

''I have to give a lot of credit to Nick because he came down [to India] earlier than he was supposed to.''

Priyanka previously admitted she and Nick, 26, had a ''wedding approvals room'' on the set of the movie in Delhi, India, so that the Jonas Brothers star could run his decisions past his wife whilst she was filming.

And the 'Quantico' actress praised her spouse for doing the ''heavy lifting'' when it came to their nuptials, which saw them host two ceremonies, one Western and one traditionally Indian.

She said: ''Nick had come down to India because he was handling logistical things with the wedding planners while I was finishing the movie and he came to set. He used to come to set for just a little bit, and go back, so having him around, my brain was like, 'Alright, this is all good. I don't have to stress out. He's handling, he's doing the heavy lifting.'

''That's the best thing about our relationship. When he's working, I do it, when I'm working, he does. That's something that we adore and understand about each other, that our work is of precedent to us. It was amazing to see that.''