The Jealous hitmaker took to Twitter on Monday (23May16) to announce plans to build a closer relationship with those people who have supported him over the years.

"I want to have an even deeper connection with my fans," Nick wrote. "So I am going to create a board of 10-15 fan ambassadors. These people will be my team leaders that I will meet with a few times a year so we can build this thing together."

He added, "I can't wait to rally with my fans on everything I do. This is a movement. I am going to hold the first meeting with the ambassadors in NYC (New York City) on album release week. More details to come on how to make your pitch to be an ambassador... But I am so excited! This is what it's all about!"

Nick's third solo album, Last Year Was Complicated, is set for release on 10 June (16).

After announcing the new venture, the 23-year-old responded to his Twitter followers by confirming he will be on the hunt for fans from all around the world. Nick also asked his followers to come up with a name for his fan base, and after reading some suggestions, noted, "I don't think the fan name has to have my first name or last name incorporated in it.. Let's think outside the box a bit. Ideas?"

Nick recently discussed the importance of embracing technology and social media, telling Topman magazine, "Everything has to evolve, and the world never stops turning. So you have to be aware of the fact that as a creative person, it’s important to stay as close to the cutting edge as you can, because you can fall behind, which is scary."

"It's important to be creative in how you give your fans and people that aren’t familiar with the music access, because they’re not all just going to buy it or stream it."

The singer/actor is currently gearing up to come face-to-face with his fans as he heads out on tour with pal Demi Lovato.