Nick Jonas will ''always love'' Delta Goodrem.

The former Jonas Brothers singer, 22, dated the 30-year-old actress briefly when he was a teenager, before they called time on their short lived romance in 2012, but he has admitted he'll always have feelings for her and they still talk from ''time-to-time.''

He told ''We run in different circles these days. But from time-to-time we talk.

''I think that life is about a journey and growth -- and each person that's a part of your life is meaningful and important. And I think that there is always love there. It's a part of the journey.''

However, the Australian hunk has insisted he's moved on from that point in his life and he's glad he's started a new chapter.

He added: ''I can say now that I'm thankful to have had all the experiences -- and that was an important chapter of my life -- but I'm thrilled to be in a new chapter.''

Meanwhile, the former Disney star is now loved up with Miss Universe Olivia Culpo and recently ditched his purity ring, which he wore to symbolise his commitment to no sex before marriage.

When asked where he keeps the piece of jewellery now that he no longer wears it on his finger, he said: ''I think it's in my home somewhere -- but I don't really know to be honest. No dramatic effort in that way.''