Nick Jonas gets inspired to write music in his sleep.

The 'Jealous' hitmaker always has the songwriting side of his brain switched on and has recalled a particular time when he was greatly inspired in the middle of the night.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote: ''Called some friends up last night. Told them I woke up inspired ... and that I needed their help to bring the music I was hearing in my head to life.

''This incredible group of musicians did just that. Love this shot taken by @jessedacri at the end of the night. Glass of wine as I listened to what we made (sic)''

Meanwhile, the 24-year-old singer previously admitted he thinks his sexual experiences have made him into a better pop star.

He explained: ''Any time I approach writing a song I think about the fact that since I started having sex my creative life changed dramatically, and my ability to write a song with more genuine depth, more reality.

''Sexuality is important as an artist, to embrace and use it as ammunition in your creative life, and understanding that part of your life, and how it makes you feel.''

Nick found fame as part of the Jonas Brothers with his siblings Joe and Kevin and recently admitted he is always looking for an ''opportunity'' to show people who he really is.

He shared: ''I think the thing that we're both looking at is that this is an opportunity to show people where we are now. And if there's an awareness of our friendship, that's great but I don't think that we're assuming anything of anybody.

''I think that the key is for us to really give people that are fans a look into this next chapter and where we want to go in the future. And people that maybe aren't as familiar that just wanted to come out to the show and see what it's all about, to really show them who Demi and I are and make that the focus of this show.''